Vibgyor is a leading liquid filling machine manufacturer in Paraguay. Offering a wide range of screw cap machines, our products are used in many industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, chemicals, and other industrial applications. Our machines are used to fill various types of containers, including bottles, cans and jars. Our products are consistently praised for their quality and reliability, and our machines are frequently in demand by industrialists and merchants alike.

We have an advanced manufacturing facility equipped with the latest technology. Our product range ranges from simple models that can be operated by unskilled personnel to sophisticated machines that can be customized to meet specific needs. To ensure that our customers have a hassle-free experience, we provide prompt customer service and technical support.

We provide automatic liquid filling machines that are designed for trouble-free operation. These machines are compact and highly efficient, and they are used to fill liquids. The automatic liquid filling machines can be set to different capacities based on the custom requirements of your filling project. The filling range on these machines is also adjustable so that you can achieve the desired results.


On the automatic liquid filling machine, a pneumatic stopper holds the bottle under the nozzle, and an MCB on the panel board protects against overload and short circuit. The AC Frequency Drive has built-in protection against overcurrent, voltage fluctuations, and short circuits.

Advanced Mechanism for Automatic Liquid Filling Machines

The automatic liquid filling machines manufactured by Vibgyor in Paraguay are some of the most reliable on the market. With the latest technology and materials, we ensure our machines are of the highest quality. Suitable for filling a variety of liquids, such as sauces, beverages, juices, shampoo, and cosmetic creams, our machines are trustworthy and sturdy.

The prominent automatic liquid filling machine manufacturer and supplier in Paraguay, Vibgyor , offers custom-made solutions to ensure trouble-free operation for its customers. These machines are accurate and engineered to meet the specific needs of their clients, with built-in turn tables that speed up the process of matching incoming and outgoing containers. Prices for Vibgyor ' automatic liquid filling machines are very reasonable, as these machines are manufactured with high-quality materials.

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