As one of Peru's leading liquid filling machine exporters, Vibgyor provides a wide range of machines that are tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our machines are known for their high quality, durability and performance. We offer a wide range of machines that are suitable for both small and large-scale industries. You can trust our team of experts to select the right machine to suit your needs.

Our range of liquid filling machines is appropriate for aqueous solutions, foamy liquids and semi-viscous products. PET bottles, plastic bottles, glass vessels, aluminum cans, stainless steel containers, copper tins and other similar packages can all be filled accurately with our machines. The base unit is made up of a basic structure and a stainless steel conveyor belt, as well as a piston pump and filling needles. Vibgyor provides the perfect solution for filling bottles and jars while ensuring precision.

The speed of liquid filling machines is influenced by the type of liquid, the container diameter, the container height, the size of the bottle neck, and the fill volume of the container. The machine structure is completely stainless steel, including the machine frame structure. The speed of bottle incoming and outgoing can be matched by installing individual drives in the in-feed and out-feed turn tables.


"Liquid Filling Machine" is a numerically controlled liquid filling machine that controls the mini-pump's fill time and gear motor rotation rate so that the liquid can be filled fluently and accurately. An anti-corrosion imported material separates the pump from the electric motor so that there are no mechanical metals or abrasions inside.

The stainless steel casing makes this numerical control liquid filling machine durable and easy to clean. The machine has a self-priming pump that pulls liquid from your container.
We offer a liquid filling machine that allows us to pack liquids into a variety of containers quickly and efficiently. In the liquid packing industry, liquid fillers are the most important equipment that allows liquids to be packed in a variety of shapes and sizes of containers, like food and beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.

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